Business Analysis

Doing all the right things, yet business is just dull?

Here is where CMBA is able to help by identifying the strong and weak points of the business, leveraging this information to formulate business plans and strategies which strengthen the foundation of the business.

We would be able to provide you with frank and fact-based findings by studying the overall health of your business from all aspects of a business.

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Building your business involves comprehension of business strategy and work plans. One business plan that works wonders for your competitor may not necessarily work for you for many reasons.

Sometimes working hard alone is just not enough. As an entrepreneur you would need to understand your strengths, limitations, risks, and opportunities. If your business is lagging, you would need to understand what, where and why you’re falling behind your competitors. To do this, you would need to take a step out of your position to get a different perspective, which can be very difficult most of the time.

Income Expenditure Analysis

Business Operations

Asset Optimization

Supplier Management

Staffing Requirements

Credit Control

Stock Management

Customer Relations

Cash-flow Management

ICT in Business Consultancy

Strategic Management

Business Outsourcing

Joint Ventures

Product /Service Sourcing

Service Upgrade

Business Development Strategies

Leakage Analysis

Business Expansion Strategy

Cash / Asset misappropriation

General Consultancy

Other SME Ventures

Budget, mid-range and up-market Hotels

Mid-range and up-market Restaurant

Scrap Metal Business

GP Clinics

Health & Beauty Business

Convenience Store Business

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